Kneaded Back

Corporate Chair Massage


Kneaded Back works with you to help increase the productivity and morale of your staff while helping to decrease stress related absenteeism and even save you money.  Chair massage promotes wellness by helping to manage stress.

Massage reduces stress by boosting the “feel good” hormones and decreasing the release of stress hormones.  Also, we are increasing  circulation, which can alleviate or prevent muscle pain from stress, tension, or injury.  Massage therapy has been clinically proven beneficial to reduce internal inflammation, which leads to headache and muscle pain.

Studies show that people are actually more productive at work with short breaks throughout the day.  Kneaded Back offers your staff a healthy break, sending them back to work refreshed and rejuvenated – physically as well as mentally.

Workplace stress and related ailments are estimated to cost businesses more than 200 billion dollars annually.  Massage is extremely successful in decreasing negative effects of stress, including irritability and overall poor performance.  Regularly scheduled chair massage can help to lower your health benefit costs.

Areas worked are those most affected by stress – upper and lower back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands.  Chair massage in the office is a highly effective therapeutic tool for relieving stress with minimal disruption to the flow of the workplace.

Massage makes people feel better, and that makes them happier; which makes them healthier. That’s what we do.